Historic Wormsloe

I want to share a brief post about the longest stretch of oak trees in the world at Wormsloe [Wormslow] Plantation in Savannah, GA. It’s gorgeous. It’s worth the $10 admission to drive down the row of oaks alone.

We happened to arrive just before several bus loads of school kids on a field trip. There is a museum at the end of the oak trees that tells the history of the plantation and its early beginnings during the founding of Georgia. There’s a short video that I recommend watching that gives an overview of the plantation; however, if you find yourself sandwiched between rotating field trip tours, just pick up a brochure and read about the history at a self-guided pace.

I do recommend the walking tour to see the landmarks like the original homestead foundation (made of oyster shells!) and the gravesite. It’s a gorgeous walk and neat to see some of the reenactments.

If you’re local or visiting and looking for a great spot for a photoshoot (engagement pictures, family pictures, etc.) – the oak tree entrance is absolutely worth it.


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