Huey’s Brunch

Along River Street is a beautiful row of restaurants. We grabbed brunch at Huey’s after watching several cargo ships stroll by along the river. There was no wait when we arrived around 10:30, and we were seated in a corner table by the window overlooking the river. 

Coffee was a must. We also checked in on Yelp and received a complimentary order of beignets, which were covered in powdered sugar with a side glaze and arrived still warm, soft and melted with each bite. 

The husband ordered a bloody mary which arrived with a full vegetable garden on top. I’m not a drinker, but he said it was wonderful and enjoyed soaking the veggies in the drink to save as a treat for the end.

We asked our server for recommendations and most popular dishes. We decided upon a breakfast plate and a lunch plate: crab cake benedict and red beans & rice. Both were delicious.

Crab Cake Benedict

I’m usually not crazy about eggs benedict because hollandaise sauce and I don’t agree, but the crab cakes sounded amazing and were topped with a fried green tomato (one of my favorites). I didn’t even notice the English muffin as it was overshadowed by the massive crab cake and tomato. The most popular style of grits was apparently the parmesean grits and I have to agree they were very tasty and something you can’t order everywhere.

Red Beans & Rice with Sausage

I can’t believe this either, but somehow my husband has never had red beans and rice before. Thankfully, we remedied this at Huey’s with a flavorful blend of New Orleans style red beans and andoullie sausage. The Cajun spices blended well with the generous bites of sausage and fresh bread. 


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