A Grand Treylor Park Welcome

Our first stop in Savannah was at a restaurant we heard great things about called Treylor Park. We arrived on a Sunday afternoon shortly after the marathon finished so there was a wait. We put our name on the list and walked out to the back patio bar to wait; the atmosphere was comfortable and cozy, so we decided to eat at the bar. 

The hubby scoped out the menu beforehand and had his eyes on the chicken pancake tacos and PB&J wings. I suggested the fried banana peppers because I’ve really been loving banana peppers recently. We thought that addition might be too much food and decided not to get them until our bar neighbors’ order of fried banana peppers arrived… they looked amazing and we had to order some too.

Fried Banana Pepper Rings

Why is this not on every appetizer menu? If you like fried pickles,  forget everything you know because this is a game changer. They were battered in a seasoned,  salty rich batter and fried to a perfect golden brown.  You could still see and taste the peppers,  which added an extra kick to each bite. They come with a ranch dipping sauce but really don’t need it! Highly recommended. 

PB&J Chicken Wings

In our minds,  we anticipated a grilled chicken wing scooped in thick,  creamy peanut butter and dunked in Smucker’s grape jelly.  What we ate was closer to a Thai peanut glaze with a side of orange/peachy marmalade. For the full effect,  the chicken must be dipped in the sauce for every bite. It was good,  but it wasn’t unforgettable. 

Chicken & Pancake Tacos

So creative! These chicken strips came toasted and wrapped warmly in a pepper-infused pancake and topped with a strawberry relish with onions. It sounds strange but the flavors blend so perfectly. This was our favorite. 


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